Triathlon club Ægir3 organizes the event.

Director is Sigurjón Ólafsson, phone +354 860 1706. Email aegir3(at)


The event triathlon board :

Helgi Sigurgeirsson.

Hildur Árnadóttir.

Pétur Hannesson.

Sigurjón Ólafsson.


The event will be held in Laugarvatn, about 1:15 hours drive from Reykjavík. See more information :


Volunteers will guide competitors at turning points and other precarious locations. First aid responders will be guarding the water on a motor boat. Participants should take full account of the fact that no traffic is blocked and therefore caution should be exercised.


Are from the Icelandic Triathlon association


Opens in November. (top left button on the page).

Registration closes at 23:59, July 21th 2020.


Medals will be awarded for men and women, in the following age groups :







There are also medals for top three in the beginner's category for Half Iron distance.


Directors reserves the right to stop participants that have not completed within the following time limit. These time limits change if there is need to shorten or cancel any events (e.g. the swim), and this will be notified.

Half iron distance.

Swimming shall be finished within 1:10 from race start.

Bike shall be finished within 5:15 from race start.

Running shall be finished within 8:00 hours from race start.

Olympic distance.

Swimming shall be finished within 0:50 from race start.

Bike shall be finished within 2:35 from race start.

Running shall be finished within 3:50 hours from race start.


This description applies to both Olympic distance and Half Ironman.

Half Iron distance starts on Saturday, July 25, at. 15:00.

Olympic Triathlon starts on Saturday, July 25, at. 18:00.


Swimming starts in the water and everyone will start at the same time for each distance. Participants are in wetsuits and with the time chip attached to the ankle. Participants walk to the starting/finish line in the water that will be marked by flags. The water is shallow in most places, but there will also be a boat on the lake to guard the safety of the participants. After swimming, return between the flags on the way to the shore. In the exchange area, the wetsuits are left behind by the bikerack and the participants take their helmet and race belt (the number facing backwards). We recommend that participants wear a sweater or jacket after the swim so that they can keep warm on the bike. The Directors reserves the right to require participants wear a jacket while biking if the water- or air temperature is low. The bike is led out of the exchange area to a marked line where you can ride the bike. After cycling the bike is led to the exchange area and returned to the same place. Number on race belt now visible in front of the participant. Do not leave the exchange area with the helmet. The run is around the village, according to the course description. 2x5km in Olympic distance and 4x5km in half ironman. The finishing line is near the exchange site.


Race meeting for Half Iron distance begins one hour before start or at 14:00.

Race meeting for Olympic distance begins one hour before start or at 17:00.


Participants shall show up wearing helmets for bike inspection.

Bike inspection for Half Iron distance is between 13:30-14:00.

Bike inspection for Olympic distance is between 16:30-17:00.


The same exchange area is used for both distances, but there is separation inside the area.

Drawing of the exchange area will be introduced here later.


1. Drinking station and toilet at the exchange area.

2. Drinking station and toilet at the turning point in the cycle course at Lyngdaldsheiðarveg.

3. Drinking station in roundabout.

4. Drinking station halfway at the running course.


Medal awards for both distances will be at 21:40 near exchange area.


  • The water temperature can be expected to be about 11-13 degrees on celsius. It will be measured before the competition and information provided.

  • Participators should have good experience in swimming in cold water. It is mandatory to wear wetsuit. Neoprene socks and neoprene caps may be used. Gloves are not allowed.

  • The Directors reserves the right to require participants wear a jacket while biking if conditions are hazardous.

  • The following table is part of rules ÞRÍ and will be used.  


The Half Iron distance distance is part of the Triathlon League Contest and rules are according to the rules of the Union. See rules here.

In particular, we remind you of a few things:

  • Wetsuit is required in swimming and helmets on bike.

  • Please return the time chip after the race.

  • It is forbidden to listen to music while biking.

  • Discard trash only in marked containers.

  • You need to ride on the right side of the road and follow traffic rules.

  • No drafting on the bike from other participants or cars.  In Olympic distance the minimum distance is 10 meters and in Half Iron distance the minimum distance is 12 meters.

  • The age limit is 18 years for olympic distance and 18 years for half iron distance, based on the year of birth.

  • All participants compete on their own risk. It is especially noted that the water is cold and participants must have experience of swimming in cold water.